Gary Walker, Head Soccer Coach

Gary has played and coached professional soccer in Europe. Gary has over 15 years of professional experience in producing high quality players. Gary holds the highest level of soccer coaching certificate, which allows him to coach at the professional level throughout the world. He has helped student players receive over $9.5million in scholarships at universities across the USA. Gary has vast experience in organizing pro tours to Europe for teams and he designed the fitness regime for England Lacrosse for the world championships.

Sheldon McCormack General Manager

Sheldon has devoted many years to all levels of sports players, both playing and refereeing at the highest level. He has been active on school boards and cares deeply about the community and opportunities for children in Maine. 

Coaching Staff

Joining Gary, we have professional coaches from Europe who have all played and coached at the highest level. In addition we have some of the best college coaches who give their time to All Pro and once again this gives exposure to our players.